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Firsel Ross Attorneys at Law Philosophy and Legal Approach



When charting a course in complicated times, there’s no substitute for experienced advice.

At Firsel Ross & Weis, our attorneys come to the table with years of experience and a clear understanding of how to get things done. Firsel Ross & Weis clients have personal access to our professional knowledge in a small firm setting that fosters collaboration, innovation, and responsiveness. We approach every issue as our client’s partner, finding the best solution that fits your big-picture goals.

Firsel Ross Attorneys experiences in law, business and real estate investment

Experience honed in the real world

Firsel Ross & Weis attorneys have a combined 75 years of experience in law, business, and real estate investment. We hold leadership roles in professional associations and community organizations. Our personal knowledge and networks connect our clients to the Chicagoland business community and beyond. Advice from a Firsel Ross & Weis attorney offers more than knowledge of the law; we deliver perspective based on our long view of the legal and business landscape.

Value created by efficiency

Firsel Ross & Weis's streamlined structure eliminates much of the overhead that inflates the fees of larger firms. Our long experience in firm management has taught us how to maximize client service in the most efficient, cost-effective manner. Firsel Ross & Weis clients have confidence that they receive the most sophisticated legal guidance at a lower cost than competing firms.

Fee flexibility that makes great advice accessible

Along with the cost savings created by our efficient structure, Firsel Ross & Weis also has the flexibility to develop personalized fee structures for our clients. Alternative fee arrangements including flat fees, fixed fees, and results-based payments give us the ability to work with all types of clients.

Personal client service as top priority

The one-to-one relationship of lawyer and client is the cornerstone of the Firsel Ross & Weis philosophy. Firsel Ross & Weis attorneys understand the vital importance of direct responses to their clients’ needs. We stand ready at all times to provide the prompt, excellent advice that you need now.

Firsel Ross Attorneys at Law offere fee flexibility
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